The best tool that we have found for managing business partners, joint ventures, and team members are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A KPI is a measure of an action or activity which lets you know if work is getting done, if that work is leading to results, and what the yield is on the time invested in that activity.

In capital raising, you will want to have different types of KPIs in place, with some activity-based and some results-based. These will be the leading indicators as to whether you are raising capital effectively or at least on the right track to raise capital.

Some potential capital raising KPIs could be:

  1. Write One Article Per Week
  2. Meet with 5 Investors Per Week in Person
  3. Schedule and Complete 10 Conference Calls per Week
  4. Speak at One Conference Per Month
  5. Call 20 Investors Per Day
  6. Meet with One Potential Connector or Networker Who Could Help in Raising More Capital Each Week

Each KPI must be measurable so you can say objectively if it was completed or not in the time frame expected. Even if you are just managing yourself this can be helpful, with the goal being to set up realistic but challenging KPIs that will shape activities and make it more likely that capital will be raised.

Good luck with your KPIs!

by Theodore O’Brien , Managing Director at The Miami Family Office – Investing Private Capital in Excellent Businesses

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