To assist viable companies with shareholder equity below RM20 million, to gain access to financing, to maintain their operations under the current challenging economic environment.

Eligibility criteria
Legally registered Malaysian-owned companies (at least 51%) in all economic sectors, with shareholder equity below RM20 million.

Financing limits
Minimum: RM100,000.
Maximum: RM1 million per company.

Purpose of financing:
The Scheme granted shall be for the purpose of financing business activities and not to refinance existing credit facilities.

Interest/financing rates
BLR + 1.25% to 2.0%. (Current BLR = 6.30%)

Source of funds
Participating financial institutions.

Guarantee cover
SPV, which is fully backed by the Malaysian Government will provide 70% automatic guarantee cover on approved limit for SMEs / SMIs.
Financing risk on the remaining 30% will be borne by the participating financial institution.

Guarantee fee
0.75% p.a. on the guarantee coverage amount or minimum RM500/- p.a.

Loan tenure
Up to 5 years.

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4 years ago

Hi, what is the procedure for the new company establishing? How much the interest rate to be charged?