As of today, there are a total of six P2P Lending platforms which are officially recognised and regulated by the Securities Commission (SC), which translates into six reliable and safe ways for you to get involved in P2P Lending in Malaysia.

These six are listed below along with their unique traits to help you assess which platform suits you best, so that you can make investments which truly complement your lifestyle and needs. In alphabetical order, they are:


AlixCo may be based in Malaysia, but it welcomes investments from investors all across world, and is not restricted specifically to investors who are residents of Malaysia.

B2B Finpal

Although this platform has a sizeable requirement in terms of the minimum deposit needed to open an investment account, any excess deposited funds which have not been invested in campaigns can be withdrawn at any time without any charges or fees.

Funding Societies

Funding Societies is a good option for investors who are especially particular about the safety of their investments, as it was the first P2P platform in Southeast Asia to employ the usage of an escrow to verify all its investors and issuers before performing transactions on their behalf.

It is also open to investors from all over the world, although charges may be incurred by banks for international transactions.


Aside from its low minimum investment requirement, Fundaztic also offers a Fundaztic Bonus which amplifies the actual investment of new investors. For example, if a new investor invests RM50, the Bonus can double it to RM100.

To be eligible for this Bonus, new investors must register for their Fundaztic accounts during promotional periods. A limited number of these bonuses are offered during each promotional period too.

Nusa Kapital (NuKap)

NuKap is the world’s first Shariah-compliant P2P Lending platform, which makes it particularly suitable for Muslim investors who would like to ensure that their investments do not break religious laws.


QuicKash boasts a minimum interest level of at least 8% for the investments it offers, and is also able to provide quick investment opportunities with tenure periods that are as short as just one month. This makes it ideal for those who prefer to invest their money for short periods of time, instead of keeping their investments locked away for extended duration.