Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested >400K
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Model, unique and breakthrough biochar manufacturing plant in Perak.
Fully set up, require cash injection for working capital and some capital to make it auditable.
Business Opportunity The products will require acceptance form international customers. Samples have been delivered and orders are possible after first production run.
Revenue / Business Model The raw materials are easily source biomass. The gross margins if sold internationally are in excess of 60%.
Low labour content.
Revenues can be about RM 100 K per month with current capacity at 70% utilisation.
Adding on capacity is low cost in the RM 50K region.
Management Team The leader is a former very senior leader of a US company, doing this on retirement.
Other partner is a entrepreneur with contacts in supply base and inroads to government projects if required.
Third partner is sleeping partner.
Company Background Started in 2015 it is a eco company with technology provided by a university and government agency.
It is currently running tests and awaiting for packaging machinery to arrive from China.
Plant is expected to be fully operational and in production mode in Januray 2017.
Funding Milestone At the moment funding requirement is less then100K (ringgits).
Willing to do it any way required including interest bearing loan, convertible shares etc.
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5 years ago

Contact me as one of my office in ipoh.