Project Title Wearable badminton sensor
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM10,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description My name is Jimmy. I am currently 32-years-old, working as a Java Team Leader in a procurement project. I am passion in badminton but I get injured so often because of wrong posture. I hope to have one-to-one coaching session with a coach but it costs me more than RM100 per hour. Therefore I wonder is that possible to reduce the training cost by using motion sensors?

For the past 16 months, I have been developing an analytic software (with sensors) to help badminton player to perform better.

To use my analytic software,

1) Sportsman need to apply sensors to his / her limbs.
2) The sensors will send motions data remotely to a server.
3) The server will analyze the sensor data and then provide various notification to a sportsman. The software will analyze the acceleration, rotation and direction of different parts of limbs and tell the sportsman to move in the expected way.

Business Opportunity Wearable devices are getting popular nowadays. See

Motion sensors are getting better. Although they are still expensive and not 100% accurate, this give me more time to write a better software while waiting for their maturity.

Badminton is not common in western countries. In silicon valley, few giant companies are doing wearable devices software. However, it is unlikely for them to create a badminton software as the popularity of badminton is still low there.

In future, the technology used can be extended to other expensive sport like golf and football.

Revenue / Business Model A complete badminton sensor app (Including all required hardware sensors and software) cost RM499.

A badminton racket can cost up to RM1,000 and a badminton shoe can be sold RM400. Other than that, a badminton player still need to pay for his / her shirts, pants, badminton strings, badminton grips, courts rental and etc.

So, RM499 seems expensive but it is affordable if the product is good enough.

Management Team Jimmy Lee (Founder)
– 10-years-experience Java programmer.
– A team lead of a software house in Cyberjaya.
– Currently developing a procurement system for government.
– Like to explore various technologies like Bluetooth and wearable devices.
– Learn advance Mathematics when free.Lee Ying ying (Co-founder)
– 3-years-experience in Marketing.
– Currently working in a software consulting firm in Sri Hartamas
– An active toastmaster member.
– Outspoken and able to communicate well.
Company Background We haven’t setup a company yet.
Funding Milestone First funding → RM150,000 for developing the product. (Expected to be complete in a year.)
% Equity Allocation To be discussed.
Expected ROI It is hard to provide an estimate return but the amount could be big. This is an innovation and not a clone geographical product.
Risks and Mitigation – Competition. Usense (See v=IC6XLOAuf1A ) is doing another similar product.
– Strong sensor is important to provide accurate data yet the price could not be affordable by the public.
– Although it is expensive, sportsman may still prefer to have face-to-face coaching sessions.
– It maybe tedious for users to apply sensors to their limbs.
Company Name We haven’t register a company yet.
Website/Facebook JimmyLee2811
Business Address 21, Lorong Sungai Daun 1. Taman Sri Mutiara. Off Jalan Kapar Batu 4. 42100 Klang
Contact Person Jimmy Lee
Contact Number 0122075069
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