A Term Loan is a fixed amount of loan granted for an agreed period of time and to be repaid in fixed instalments. Term loans are normally granted for the purchase of fixed assets. With fixed repayments, you’ll be able to plan and manage your cash flow effectively.


Allows you to draw additional funds quickly and conveniently from your current account when you require it. Raising additional capital for running a business or making investments is now fast, simple and convenient.

Here’s what Overdraft offers you:

  • No fixed repayment schedule.
  • Interest charged only when funds are used.(However, will charge you 1% p.a. commitment fees on the unused amount)
  • Easy to use


A working capital facility to address your financing needs over a short to medium term period. You can choose to either repay the full amount or renew the loan tenure by servicing the interest at the end of the loan period.

Here’s what Revolving Credit offers you:

  • Flexibility of drawing funds as and when required.
  • Repayable over 1 to 6 months term.
  • Choice of repaying in full upon maturity or to pay only the interest.
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