Preferred Investment Amount RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Preferred Investment Opportunity Oil and Gas, Technology, Innovation, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Safety Products
Will NOT Invest In Construction, Hospitals, Education, Restaurants
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile Industrialist, Businessman and Philanthropist engaged in diversified business activities in Middle East, Africa and urope
NAME Hamed Bin Khadim
Organization Private Equity
Address Abu Dhabi
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5 years ago

Hi Mr Hamed,

My name is Azril from Malaysia and would like to interest you with my business plan that promises lavish returns in just a year.

Appreciate if I had your contact details for me to forward my business plan to. I can be reached at .

Thank you.

Rohaniza Mohd Reduan
4 years ago

Hi Mr Hamed,

Im in f&b business, catering and also oil n gas equipment. im looking for investor for me to meet my client need due to my business expand very well. Hope you can be my investor. please contact me at 0132798146. Email me at

4 years ago

Good day sir.. Im looking for investor in my business where we buy a vessel, cut and sell it with good price. so, will gv the investor 20% profit from the amount he invest sir. Please do let me know if intrested. Yr kind rply is highly appreciated.

Contact number : 010 5666470

Hi Mr Hamed,
My tech company focusing on solution for Education Tech especially education 4.0. This april we will launching our hardware,software and content product with Ministry of Higher Education. You can email me at mypsiglobal@gmail for more details. thanks

4 years ago

Hi Mr Hamed,
Im looking for fund for my export biz. My primary is palm oil related downstream products. We had already received initial export and LC has been established. Now Im looking for funder to proceed with the biz. We had supplier and customers, we looking for funder to proceed. Totally risk less biz.

4 years ago

Dear Mr Hamed, my company is the first of its kind to build a micro-suites SOVO units in the KLCC region. At the moment, we are looking for private investors to fund the project. The ROI is 50% return for investors within a 2 year time frame. Basically I would like to present to you the project, the financials, etc. I can be contacted at 0122663890 and my email is . Thanks and regards, Denise

4 years ago

Good day sir, my team and I have come up a new innovative business plan in making profit through the social media. We are currently looking for investor who might be interested in investing in our company. Please do not hesitate to email me, for the business proposal.

Gobinathan T
4 years ago

Dear Mr. Hamed,

I am Gopi. I am an innovative marketer. I have created a ‘game platform’ (game board with game pieces) with 3 new world class startup businesses for you to venture! Either you can INVEST in my start up or YOU CAN LICENSE IT FROM ME for certain number of years. I have filed my creation for copyright already. I am studying and shortlisting probable investor/partner/ licensor for venturing into this within Malaysia and also worldwide.
This game board platform has minimum 3 applications/business.

1. RETAIL:- I have developed a very interesting physical gameboard where 2,3 or 4 family members/friends/children can play this game. (e,g Chess, Chinese Checkers, Checkers). The prototype is already developed. According to the players of my game and also according to players who represented Malaysia in overseas chess competitions, my game can replace the existing popularity of Chess!!!! Retail Business for production and sale is open for the investor / licensee to share your expertise and expand. I have created this for the world market including US, Germany, Japan, China, India and Russia and all other game playing nations. Also Asean market is growing. This new interesting game for RETAIL BUSINESS FOR DIFFERENT GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS OF THE WORLD. School children and parents love to play with colorful game pieces of different shapes. Let us venture into the already boring game board segment by an interesting game as the one developed by me and improve the strategic thinking capability of both adults and children.

2. TOURNAMENTS:- Sir, I am sure you know that Chess is the ONLY board game in the world till now, which is conducted in tournament level. Country and World Chess Champions are selected year after year. Title Sponsors, Co Sponsors, sale of gadgets, registration fee for participants etc draw big amount for the organisers. No other games able to beat the domination enjoyed by Chess in the past 1000 over years because it is superb! But NOW MY GAME ALSO CAPABLE TO BE CONDUCTED ON TOURNAMENT LEVEL just because it should be classified as ‘Abstract Strategy War Game’ where dice, card, luck and chances are not involved. Probably invention of the century/millennium!

3. TV REALITY QUIZ GAME SHOW concept:- I am sure you also know that in the Quiz world of TV entertainment some of the most popular long lasting money minting game shows are Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to be a Millionaire (KBC Show of Amitabh Bachchan ), Money Drop and US’s Jeopardy Quiz show etc. These shows are mostly telecasted over prime time. I HAVE CREATED A QUIZ REALITY GAME SHOW which can be played in the same game platform. In an auditorium environment when a popular host, great prizes for winners, colourful display, objective questions and right wrong answers, plus minus points plus the game piece movements of a large game table where 4 contestants compete etc join together per episode, this has a very high chance of telecasting a Reality Quiz Game Show in all the countries in the world. Concept already developed. Some of the popular Reality Shows such as American Idol and Apprentice etc are paying half million as licensing fee for each episodes. My Reality Quiz Game Show concept can run for a season of 3 months or 1 whole year. Some negotiations have already started with TV firms and production companies, yet to be finalized.
The platforms and shows and games have other applications also like Quiz publishing, game apps etc etc that can be implemented at later stages. Each of the numbered business possibilities that I mentioned above you can select the country or the type of business you want or you can take the whole world market! Let us entertain the world through genuine game boards and also improve the general knowledge & current affairs levels of different countries through the Reality Quiz Game Show Concept. If you are interested to know about the game and businesses and also want to reap great profits through some risk investments please call me. 6014-9358842 or email

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely
Gobinathan T.

4 years ago

Hi Mr Hamed

My company is supplying and manufacturing for Back film of Solar Panel. For your information, we have received letter of intent to purchase and integrate back film for solar tools. The buyer is planning to buy the end product from us at 1.05 Million sq mt for and to be deliver to project in Sri Lanka within this 2 months.

As such, we are looking for investor to be our partnership in this project. if you are able to invest in this project, we would be glad to hear that.

Thank you

Dear Mr Hamed,

We are an E-haling company (like Uber taxi) in Malaysia. Currently we want to expand rapidly so we need additional capital therefore we are looking for investor to invest into our business. You are please to state whatever requirement / term you may prefer.

I can be contacted by H/P no: 012-3272 415 or email /

For more information regarding our E-Hailing Ciaoz service, please refer to the link below:
Facebook :
Intragram :

Product video:

Video shooting:

Ciaoz driver experience :

Ciaoz passenger experience :

Briefing video:

Pls download “CiaoZ” e-hailing from Google Play Store & Apple App Store .

For inquiry or any presentation/ explanation, please contact below

Thank you

Ong CK

A-7-1, 7th Floor, Block A, Plaza Dwi Tasik, Jalan Sri Permaisuri 1,
Bandar Sri Permaisuri, 56000 Kuala Lumpur .
Tel : +603-9174 7822
Hotline : 012-3272 415


2 years ago
Reply to  denise

Hello Mr Hamed, I am looking for funding to start a company that supply trucks and mining equipments for mining operation in West Borneo, Indonesia. I am needing capital to purchase equipment.
I am a local in the area and the company already promised to prioritize locals to supply equipments. The operation is to mining bauxite and alumina starting from 2020 in the area.
If you interested kindly contact me at
Best regards,