Company Overview

The company is principally engaged in the business of oil and gas and processed materials from 14/12/2012 till now. In July 2015, xxxx (M) Sdn Bhd add new business model One2one mobile car service.

Market Overview and Opportunity

  • Our target markets are non luxury car owners for family and commercial
  • Malaysia has the third highest rate of car ownership in the world
  • More than ½ million vehicles added to the road every year
  • An estimated RM 10 billion spent on vehicle maintenance every year
  • Our innovative mobile car service is the first in Malaysia help car owner to save time and hassle on car service.

Business Model

Our one2one app referrers viral effect model to get members estimated 38,000 members/year. Our revenue resources are

  • Car service with 15% net profit for each car service charge at average price of RM162
  • Agency franchise fee for each franchisee who join us.
  • We estimated both income above will generate 2 million net profit in 2017.

Funding Request

xxxxx (M) Sdn Bhd would like to use 20% of the shares to raise RM 1.5 million for develop mobile car service to save car owner’s hassle, time spend on road and waiting time at workshop

Owner’s own funding to-date is RM 900K and had been achieve 400 members sign up since Nov 2015 without the one2one app and marketing team.

With the one2one app just completed by end Nov 2016 and collaboration with marketing team , we expected the number of members sign up will be increase estimated 38,000/year and increase to 600k of members in year 2018.

Contact us for more details

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