Applications from MSC Malaysia Creative Multimedia cluster companies for the MaC3 Co-Production Fund 2011 will be open from Jun 15 2011 onwards. All interested parties are requested to download a pre-application form (available at web address) where they are required to state their interest in applying for the fund. The pre-application form is not a formal application but an early notification of interest to apply for the Fund. Details of the applying company, the proposed project, the co-production partner, the parameters for co-production, the cost estimates and some other pertinent details will be required in the pre-application form.


One of the main goals of the MSC Malaysia is to catalyse the development of the Creative Multimedia industry in Malaysia. In line with this objective, the MAC3 Co-Production Fund (the “Fund”) was launched in 2009 to support the creation and development or co-development of Intellectual Properties under the Animation, Games & Computer Graphics sub-sectors of the Creative Multimedia cluster.

The Government has allocated some funding to be managed by MDeC , and is intended to be awarded to qualified MSC Malaysia status companies, in accordance with the details and criteria set out. The fund is designed to help innovative and progressive local companies to co-produce animation and game development projects with reputable partners that will contribute to the overall development of the Creative Multimedia industries in Malaysia.


If you have any further queries, please call the MSC Malaysia Client Contact Centre (CliC)
Tel: +603 8315 3000 | Toll free no: 1-800-88-8338 (within Malaysia) |


The applicant is required to meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply for financial assistance as below:

The applicant must:

Be a company incorporated in Malaysia
Not the subject of a winding up order
Has an issued and paid-up share capital of at least RM100,000-00
Have more than 50% of the legal and beneficial ownership of the applicant is vested in Malaysian(s)
Have more than 50% of the employees of the applicant must be Malaysians
Be an MSC Malaysia status company within the Multimedia Creative cluster as defined by MDeC and comply with all conditions thereunder
The applicant has responded to:
at least two (2) quarters of AQIR; and
the latest SCORE+ (if any);

The applicant fulfills either of the following:

The applicant is not a recipient of, or has previously received, any funding from MDeC and/or any other Government Ministries or agencies of any amount exceeding RM 250,000 (in a single case);


Where the applicant has received funding from MDeC and/or any other Government Ministries or agencies of any amount exceeding RM 250,000 (in a single case):
all such funds have been fully utilised; and
all projects thereunder have been completed i.e.: all milestones have been delivered to the satisfaction of the provider of such funding
as duly acknowledged and certified by the provider of such funding;

The applicant fulfils at least one of the following:

The applicant has a minimum of three (3) years track record in development of creative works whether as an outsourced service provider or in creation of original works OR

Where the applicant has been in operation for less than three (3) years, the applicant must have minimum of ten (10) staff [whereby 50% should be production staff with at least three (3) years track record of delivering projects (whether as an outsourced service provider or in the creation of original works)] in its employment;

The applicant has entered into a written contract OR a committed arrangement with a reputable Foreign

Co-production Partner for the development of creative works; and

The applicant has received a written confirmation from:

At least one (1) broadcaster or distributor on presales/distribution intent (for animation and VFX related creative works) and/or

At least one (1) Game Publisher on presales/intent for distribution(for games projects).

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