The Ministry was first established in 1973 as the Ministry of Technology, Research and Local Government. In 1976, in line with new functions and responsibilities pertaining to environmental matters, the Ministry then changed its name to Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MOSTE). On 27th March 2004, the Cabinet agreed to the restructuring of MOSTE and the name was changed to Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) in order to lead the National ICT Development function, Multimedia and Innovation. In 2007, the science and technology function was divided into Biotechnology, ICT, Industry, Sea to Space and S&T Services clusters.

Funds Available

ScienceFund is a grant provided by Government to carry out R&D projects that can contribute to the discovery of new ideas and the advancement of knowledge in applied sciences, focusing on high impact and innovative research.

TechnoFund is a grant scheme which aims to stimulate the growth and successful innovation of Malaysian enterprises by increasing the level of R&D and its commercialisation. The scheme provides funding for technology development, up to pre commercialisation stage, with the commercial potential to create new businesses and generate economic wealth for the nation.

InnoFund is a grant scheme which funds the development or improvement of new or existing products, processes or services with elements of innovation. The project must have economic value and improves the societal well-being of the community. InnoFund can be categorized into Enterprise InnoFund (EIF) and Community InnoFund (CIF).

Flagship Programmes
The Flagship Programme is a special grant scheme programme provided by MOSTI to fund research in areas identified to have an impact on the development of STI and aligned with the New Economic Model (NEM). The Flagship Programme is a top-down approach and the National Science and Research Council (NSRC) sets the research priority areas and particular niches that need to be implemented for the sustainability of current Government initiatives.

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