MDV is a Venture Financing Organisation, providing contract/project financing facilities to early and growth stage companies within MDV’s ICT and Biotechnology Technology Focus Areas.

In essence, MDV or venture financiers are hybrid financing organisations. MDV’s products/services and customer development stage are similar to banks/financial institutions and venture capital respectively, but with key differences.

Compared to banks/financial institutions, MDV offers/provides the following: –

  • Assessment based on applicant’s management and technical capabilities, key assets for technology companies, via a Proprietary Due Diligence Methodology benchmarked with international best practices
  • Fixed Interest Rates (from 6.75% p.a.) on Daily Rest for our Conventional Loans. MDV’s Islamic
  • Financing similarly offers Competitive Profit Rates
  • Flexible repayment terms up to 5 years for ICT and 10 years for Biotechnology– Structured according to contract/project cashflow
  • Key collateral requirement is assignment of contract/project proceeds – Other collateral or credit enhancement subject overall risk assessment
  • Access to MDV value added services – Nurturing, Advisory, Networking, Business Development &
  • Support Services
  • Dedicated in-house technology team with comprehensive ICT and biotechnology background & knowledge
  • Similar to VCs, MDV provides financing to early or growth stage companies. However, MDV complements rather than compete with VCs and other equity investors
  • MDV offers financing or loan facilities; Does not invest in equity
  • Maintain shareholding composition – maximise shareholders’ control and value
  • Retain control over management
  • MDV financing independent of company valuation or stock market condition
  • Preserve full Intellectual Property ownership
  • Clear Exit : Loan Repayment or settlement of financing facilities
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