Project Cost: RM80,000

Amount Invested : RM30,000

Amount Required : RM50,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
other (Share Investment Dividend)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

Industry: others (Wedding Business)

Company Current Status: Growth


Company History:

Verona Bridal was founded on 23 March 2015. We were a group of 1 founder & 2 directors and now we’ve expanded to a team of more than 20 crews including photographers, videographers, makeup artists and part time as well. We’re mainly providing different kind of wedding services in Peninsular Malaysia.

Product / Service Description:

Our business not just focusing on one way of business but we are fully utilise the usage of online to earn most of our income through Facebook page advertisement, monthly updating package in order to provide better package to customers, fast response to customers’ enquiries, etc. Providing best customer services is our first priority, we always improve from time to time to make sure our quality are always improve. Our services include actual day wedding photography, videography, makeup & photo booth. And we’re expanding rapidly as we will be opening our first bridal house in Penang town area. Furthermore, we will be providing pre-wedding services as well as wedding dress rental.

Business Opportunity:

Wedding market in Malaysia is making up to 7 billion MYR. There are many kinds of services provided to fulfil every single weddings from pre-wedding to actual day wedding. However, there are too much of negative & bad side of the wedding business in Malaysia especially when most of the wedding service providers don’t provide high quality product & services, hidden charges & other problems whichever occur. We’re doing the business in the other way that we don’t simply charge customer with hidden charges & we fully make use of the internet to gain our population. Refer to

Revenue Model:

Our revenue from April to December 2015 is 120,000. Most of the revenue are from our Facebook page advertisement. We create new design of the promotions and packages every month to attract all the potential customers in Malaysia. We reply to customers right after they enquire with us & provide the best solution depends on what they need.

Management Team: Me as the Founder : Tan Ti Yang (Kenny)
Director : Kyle Tan & Ai Wen
Manager : Joe Chang
We have 16 photographers, 2 videographers & 5 makeup artists currently.

Current Status:

We’re now in Penang. We have 20,000 investment made to date. Our revenue from April to December 2015 is 120,000 while profit stands 60% of the revenue. We’ve invested the money on getting our first bridal house in Penang including the expenses of renovation, rental, purchasing office furniture, equipments, wedding dresses, etc.

Funding Milestone:

We’re currently at the stage of opening the first bridal house in Penang town area. Our estimated budget for each bridal house to be ready is 60000 to 70000. Whenever we’ve reached enough model, we will expand to another bridal house.

Business Valuation:

An agreement will be created to state the amount of the figure invested and the term & condition. We’re giving dividend every half year to the investors according to the amount of investment. The sales report will be announced during our meeting every half year. Dividend will be given twice a year.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

We’ve study the risk of the business and we try to reduce the loss to the minimum.

Exit Strategies:

Termination of investment : 3 months written notice & dividend will be waived during the half year. Amount will be transferred to the investor monthly by online bank in/cheque.
Withdrawal of dividend : every 6 months (End of June & end of December)
Withdrawal of investment : 3 months written notice


Kenny Tan
Company Name: Verona Bridal
Postal Address : 74-A Jalan Siam
State : Georgetown
Post Code : 10400
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0124145188

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