Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 100, 000
Funding Required 1, 000, 000
Description TB Creatives is an online advertising video production agency that caters to small and large businesses. We plan, shoot, edit, animate, design and deliver videos for our Clientele that advertise to and educate their respective audiences.
Business Opportunity Due to our rapid growth in 2019, cashflow is increasingly difficult to manage. So far, we’ve made slightly over RM 500, 000 in sales this year, and are bidding for a further RM 300, 000. We expected roughly 1.2m – 1.5m in sales this year, but may revise that upward as Q3 and Q4 are usually our strongest quarters.
Revenue / Business Model Revenue since inception in July 2017: 1.5m 
Revenue 2018: RM 850, 000 

Sale, Proposal, Pre-production planning, talent provision, Food Styling, location sourcing, overall facilitation of project, Videography, Directing, audio recording, Music composition, Video editing, 2D animation, 3D animation. etc.
Management Team Daniel Jin Ming Ibanez Lau – Advertising / Journalism background from Malaysiakini 
Justin Wong Zhe Xuan – Videography / Editing / Directing REVAsia 
Amanda Ooi Wan Yie – Client Servicing, Sales Publicis One
Company Background Background and Business Model 
We commenced our business activities in July 2017 and have grown rapidly, raking 1.5m in revenue to date, and expecting to make that same amount in Revenue this year. Our business model is similar to that of a law firm or an accountancy firm in which we charge by Client and project and our charges vary based off the wide array of services we offer. 

Problems we face: 
Our Revenue in 2019 thus far is RM 500, 000, averaging RM 125, 000 per month, and require investment to firm up our Cashflow as we’ve had to actually reject some clients due to overcapacity. 
Our Clientele includes MNCs and GLCs such as Air Selangor, Telekom Malaysia, Volkswagen, Disney, Air Asia, Unilever, Sunsweet, and over 70 other Clients
Funding Milestone We have never received funding, all of our team is sub 30 years old and started this company with close to nothing, we did have initial investment of RM100, 000 in the form of a combination of cash and equipment that we already had from personal hobbies and have since invested Capex one off expeditiure of RM 140, 000
% Equity Allocation 20 – 30%
Expected ROI So far, I’ve personally invested RM 100, 000 into the company and in the span of a year We raked a profit of RM 350, 000 with assets of RM 140, 000 by the end of 2019 and we’re still rapidly expanding
Risks and Mitigation N/A
Exit Strategies Depends on the investors model
Company Name TB Creatives Sdn Bhd
Business Address Tower 3 Level 20 Unit 16 Icon City Petaling Jaya
Contact Person Daniel Jin Ming Ibanez Lau
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Hi Daniel, Trust you are doing good and my message finds you well. Can you send me more information about your business like a business plan and financials for review.