Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM 1.5 M
Funding Required RM 2.5M
Description The Hydron is a patented technology by xxxx Sdn Bhd a R&D company.
The development took more then 4 years to create the only viable solution to eliminate carbon emission in all vehicles using diesel or petrol engines.
In addition it saves the users up to 30 to 40% on fuel consumption.
Business Opportunity This device brings about a cleaner non toxic environment while keeping operating costs lower for users of vehicles, especially for fleet operators including marine boats.
Huge business opportunity in all parts of the world.
Revenue / Business Model The business model is to licence the technology by region / territory to automobile linked companies.
Or by JV in specific countries.
Management Team Comprises of ex Global Sr VP of operations of a US MNC as MD n founder, major shareholder.
An ex Sr Mgr of Malaysian GLC, and a French Plantation company.
A US partner n a Marketing Expert.
Company Background Harit Ecotech was formed in 2017. The company is heavily technology development based. It employs all engineers.
The technologies being developed are focussed on environment, green technology as well as green medical devices.
Funding Milestone This funding is for pre commercialisation.
Products are ready to sell. In few hundred vehicles in Malaysia, China and the UK are already running with the Hydron.
This funding is for expansion of facilities, hiring of relevant staff and sales and marketing efforts.
% Equity Allocation 10%
Expected ROI 17%
Risks and Mitigation All auto buffs are focussing on electric vehicles. There are major challenges to this technology.
Meanwhile, the Kyoto protocol demands the emission limits are met by vehicle producers.
The Hydron is a perfect low cost, easy to fit solution.
Exit Strategies 1. Sell to major auto companies 
2. Licencing
3. IPO
4. Part of 3rd auto focus Malaysia
3 years
Company Name xxxx Sdn Bhd
Website/Facebook xxxx
Business Address xxxx Shah Alam. Selangor
Contact Person Mohana K
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