Funding required: RM1mil to RM2mil

We have our group of clients and consumers ready to purchase. Our monthly revenue from profit is estimated to be at RM 1.8 million.

Cold storage facilities, food processing plant, import/export of fisheries and seafood from indonesia project proposal

xxx Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated in Malaysia in 1992 have proposed to implement a project which involves the import of fisheries and seafood from Indonesia to Malaysia as well as the construction of a Cold Storage Facility and a Food Processing Plant in Endau Fishery Port , Johor Bahru.

To materialise this project, this proposal will summarise the total financial expenses involved in the construction, installation and acquisition of machineries and equipments for the Cold Storage Facility and the cost of overheading the export and import of Fisheries and Seafood from Indonesia at Endau Fishery Port, Johor Bahru.

The said Project will be constructed by a local multinational company, xxx SDN BHD who specialises in manufacturing complete range of products for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. On the operational aspects of the projects as well as the import and export of Fisheries and Seafood from Indonesia will be solely handles by xxx who has an established team manpower and management to oversee the business processes.

The potential clients xxx hopes to capture once the Project is fully implemented are the local companies, importers exporters as well as the international market. xxx has also worked out an understanding with various Government agencies as well as multinational companies ( in the form of memorandum of understanding) that these agencies and companies will be utilising the Cold Storage Facilities once they are implemented.

The total project cost, inclusive of pre-operating expenses and working capital requirements is USD$10 million which includes the cost of installation, land acquisition, machineries and equipment.

** Full project paper ready. Contact us for details

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