Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM6000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description REMAX is the sub-brand of Hong Kong Refine Industry Group. The idea of young, passion, fashion and happiness makes the brand popular among the young generation. REMAX products provide you the concept of savouring life and fashion, including different categories such as Protection, Energy, Audio, Fashion Bags, Creative Products etc.
Business Opportunity REMAX products design combines practicability and creativity. Our designers’ sense of fashion has driven us to come up with different kinds of creative and stylish products. Until now, more than 700 series, 2000 types of products have been developed.

Remax has gained the recognition from consumers and customers with its rich product lines and quality of products. Globally, REMAX has built up stable connection with large amounts of online merchants, wholesalers and retailers. In China, there are more than 50 REMAX exclusive shops, 10 branches and over 400 official resellers. Meanwhile, REMAX also adopts an international business philosophy, aiming to expand overseas market. At this stage, REMAX products have already been well sold in more than 100 countries. Offices are set up at Dubai, Korea, Thailand and Saudi Arabia, with more than 300 overseas resellers.
REMAX has reached a new page on its journey to globalization. REMAX will always seek for new technology, aiming to produce practical products with good quality and trendy designs.

But for Malaysia, REMAX only has stores opened up in Johor Bharu. I plan to take this opportunity, and start building a chain of stores starting with Selangor & Kuala Lumpur. My personal future target for the company is opening up 2 stores per year and have stores all over Malaysia in the next 8-10 years.

Revenue / Business Model Each product sold will have a margin which will be counted as store profit (after deduction of general cost).

E.g: REMAX-Sky Wrath Series case for iPhone 6/6s:
-Factory price: RM10.20
-Retail price: RM45.00
-Margin: RM34.80
REMAX-Super speed cable (micro):
-Factory price: RM6.12
-Retail price: RM25.00
-Margin: RM18.80

Management Muhammad Fakhrur Razi (me): CEO & Sales. ( raziwilson )
Nor Hafis: COO (Holds a Diploma in Business Management)
Nor Adila (my wife): Admin, Accounting & Sales. (Holds a Degree in Chemical Engineering & has experience in Admin & Sales)
Saiful Bahri: Sales Associate. (Holds a Certificate level 3 in Electrical & Wiring)
Company Background Business hasn’t started as REMAX only started to allow public access in Malaysia on 15 Jan 2016. I plan to launch the first store on 1 May 2016 . (Hari Pekerja).

Store renovation and bringing in products will be handled by me and REMAX. (can contact me for a pics of example stores)

Do note that I am asking you to invest in my start-up, also I would like you to oversee or consult me through the whole process. Unless you have confidence in the product and also confidence in me, do not go proceed with this. The same as you are choosing who to invest your money in, I too am choosing the right investor. I do not like slackers or half way type of people.

Funding Milestone Based on current calculations:
50-70k for medium large store. • 70-150k for large store.

Where does your money go?:

60%: Products & Stock.
20%: Renovation.
10%: Rolling money.

– Most of the capital are used for the products that come in different type & pricing.
– Some of the budget are used for minor renovations, racking, signs and posters. However, this budget are not include with the rental down payment and electrical work costing.
– The renovation costing will be discussed with you as you are my consultant in this project.
-For the first time, stock selection will be made by REMAX based on current market trends and studies.

% Equity Allocation 10-20% . I think its best that I discuss this personally with you/investor so that I can be fair, honest & legit with this.
Risks and Mitigation Risk in this project will mostly come from competitors (direct D, Subang/Ustaz Store, Kota Damansara) around Malaysia. To avoid this, I have researched and planned to have the 1st store location in a safe & competition free zone.
Exit Strategies Investors would need to inform me 7 months before exiting, to give time for investors & REMAX to discuss the Investment return.
Company Name REMAX Store
Website/Facebook remaxmy/?fref=ts
Business Address In Progress.
Contact Person Razi Wilson
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