Project Cost: RM250,000

Amount Invested : RM10,000

Amount Required : RM250,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant
others (Sleeping Investor)

Industry: consumer goods

Company Current Status: Pre-Revenue


Company History:

I am a bumiputera entrepreneur, previously in auto id and design industry. Owner of small business Monster Dreamwork and been doing small general trading and design work. Graduate from University of Wales UK in year of 2000. Am creative, aggressive and passionate in design and new things.

Product / Service Description:

I just been awarded as exclusive distributor for South American handmade shoes for Malaysia & Singapore Region. The nearest competitor will be Converse, Vans and Sketchers shoes. Its still new in Malaysia but has been in few countries like Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, Japan and few more.

Business Opportunity:

The target market will be the from student up to executive or professional level. Since its a new trending and design in Malaysia, I saw a big potential to sell in affordable price. Its can suite to most of the daily activities such like walking, light jogging, cycling, skate boarding, casual outing and many more.

Revenue Model:

I am planning selling them online, through agent or third party and also direct to customers. Participating in exhibition, setting up kiosk in mall and through roadshow will help me promoting and spreading the products in the markets.

Management Team:

Mohamed Tazwid Nordin as Founder/CEO

Current Status:

I am in Selangor, Malaysia and still looking the right candidate to invest in the business.

Funding Milestone: These can be divided into two categories which are small stock by courier and big stock with sea freight. The big order around 1500 pairs by sea freight will take around 2 1/3 months to arrived from principal place. So while waiting for the big stock, am placing small order around 100-200 pairs of shoes and getting them in 2 weeks by courier. I can start promoting and selling these small order first while waiting for the big stock to arrive.

Business Valuation:

As for the investor am willing to give around 20-30% as profit sharing. The profit for a pair of shoes is around RM 80 – RM100 which equivalent to 80% – 100% profit.

Expected Return On Investment:

ROI for the small order will be around 2-3 months while the big orders will be around minimum 6 months – 9 months. These are because for the small order, delivery lead time will be in every 2 weeks and delivery lead time for big order will be around 2 1/2 months.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The risk is very low since we are selling in cash terms and every pairs that sold come with profit.

Exit Strategies:

Selling at cost price which are so much cheaper and also can be selling of to other third party.


From: Taz
Company Name: Monster Dreamwork
Postal Address : 62, Jalan SP10/6, Saujana Puchong
State : Selangor
Post Code : 47110
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0136160996
Website :
Mobile: 0136160996

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