Investor Type Venture Capital / Private Equity
Preferred Investment Amount RM4,000,0001 or more
Preferred Investment Opportunity Engineering, consumer, healthcare, logistic and technology related companies
Will NOT Invest In Gaming, religion and bereavement care providers
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile We’re a Bursa listed VC/PE company with a focus in minority and growth related investments. Our profile can be viewed at
NAME Jimmy Tham
Organization OSK Ventures International Bhd
Address 15th Floor, Plaza OSK
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Surentran Somasundram
4 years ago

We are a second generation snack food manufacturing company located in Ipoh looking to grow our business and become the market leader by being further up to our closest competitors. Currently we are leading in number of products, total production, the vertical and horizontal steps involved in manufacturing and team dynamics. We started as a grinding mill more than 30 years ago and supplied raw materials to the snack food manufacturers. From there we went step by step to give what the customer requires until we become the largest producers here. We work to fulfil what the customer needs and wants, and a little more with a dedicated team and system which makes all this possible.

In all these years on manufacturing, we were focusing on whole sale which gives the least profit margin to us. We tried retail and export market and the margin is just amazing. So we expended our business from wholesale to retail and export but we realised that we do not have the necessary capital, infrastructure, marketing, machines and human talent to make it possible. Since we are driven by giving what the customer required, we become successful in capturing the end user market as well. We can not become the product category leader and drive the direction of the industry without some capital injection and branding tools. We can handle the manufacturing process A to Z but we are looking for a synergy partner to help us get to the top.

Contact us to get the company details and visit our factories to get a glimpse of what we are saying. We will tell our pitch, the good, the bad and the worst about our business and how we can move forward. Email me and we can talk further about this if you are interested, if not, thank you very much for your time reading this and have a great day. My email address is

Thank you and terima kasih

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