Preferred Investment Amount RM100,001 to RM250,000
Preferred Investment Opportunity We invest in tech start ups such as O2O, E-commerce, Mobile payment, Cloud system, FinTech, IOT, SaaS, Wellness, Green Tech, Security : Seed and Pre series A, Series A, Bridge rounds investments.
Will NOT Invest In manufacturing, medicine, infrastructure, big data, property and so on..
Preferred Location Asia
Public Profile First things first, at this moment we are searching for limited partners to fund us through redeemable convertible preferred shares. Why partner with TinkBig?

Simply because we will do all the work for you! Analyzing what is hot in the market, filtering the start ups, finding the best start ups with highest success rate. We have a long-term vision of helping you build a start up company. We are to help start ups to achieve their goals and build a massively successful company.

We provide Angel, Seed and Pre Series funds and also provide knowledge to founders that they need. Never-less, we will solve the problems that founders will face. When they need help we will find you the exact right person to dive in and help work through big one-off challenges. In short period of existence, TinkBig invested in few successful start ups such as BEAM, REFASH and SPORTSPLAY. Looking forward to collab with you!
NAME Numi Musalieva
Organization Venture Capital
Address Lot 303, 3rd floor, Bangunan Cheong Wing Chan, 41-51 jalan Maharajalela, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Outstrip is an enterprise software providers for Human Resources, specifically in modern recruiting software that streamlines the organization’s hiring process and focuses on hiring the right people at the right time.

Outstrip intended to create and provide disruptive enterprise software that takes the recruiting process to a whole new level. Outstrip streamlines the hiring process and simplifies the Applicant Tracking System, so that recruiters and hiring managers can focus on what truly matters: their candidates. Outstrip integrates extension tool for recruiter to discover and reach the top candidates that aren’t yet looking, all in just a few clicks. With our simple browser extension, your entire team can start sourcing and referring rockstars. Contact me at so we can discuss further if you are interested.