Max Investment Amount : $20,000,000

Preferred location: doesn’t matter

Knowledge and Experience: general management, production

Proposed Involvement: full time

Industry Preference: energy / natural resources, trade

Investor Profile:

Bioland Environmental Protection Technology Group LTD. (known as Bioland) was founded in December 2004, with a registered capital of 118 million RMB, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in waste comprehensive treatment and equipment manufacturing. After a decade of development, Bioland has become the leading enterprise in waste comprehensive treatment, leachate treatment and waste treatment equipment manufacturer field. Subsidiaries of Bioland include Bioland Water&Gas Beijing , Bioland Beijig Branch, Bioland South China Branch, Bioland Water&Gas Tianjin, Bioland Kunshan, Beijjing Xingye Bioland, Guangxi Bioland, Guiyang Bei’er Bioland, Beijing Jing Shan Jie Shen, Bioland Water & Gas Langfang, Bioland Taicang, Bioland Dezhou, Kunshan Bei’er Bioland, and though private placement, private equity funds like :Boxin Capital has became Bioland’s shareholder.

Bioland mainly provide customers professional services, they include: comprehensive waste treatment and leachate treatment project; equipment research and development,production and supply; installation, commissioning and operation management., etc. These provide integrated solution for the urban and rural solid waste pollution control to provide the overall solution for urban and rural solid waste contamination control.

Bioland has more than 500 outstanding technical professionals and management team, persist in performing an importation, analyzing and re-innovation development pattern. Bioland has established a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with DODA and OWS, and combining practice, Bioland has developed a series of core technologies and equipment of solid waste contamination control that adapt China’s actual situations. Further, Bioland has more than 80 patents it has world’s leading technology such as leachate treatment, auto selection of restaurant and kitchen waste, anaerobic fermentation and sludge treatment.

Beijing, China

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Jacky Choo
4 years ago

Hi Sir, for your information i am a business consultant and i have recently been engaged by my customer to source for funding of RM25 mil for his project. I wonder whether is there any opportunity for us to work together on this and make it a successful deal?

Surentran Somasundram
4 years ago

We are a second generation snack food manufacturing company located in Ipoh looking to grow our business and become the market leader by being further up to our closest competitors. Currently we are leading in number of products, total production, the vertical and horizontal steps involved in manufacturing and team dynamics. We started as a grinding mill more than 30 years ago and supplied raw materials to the snack food manufacturers. From there we went step by step to give what the customer requires until we become the largest producers here. We work to fulfil what the customer needs and wants, and a little more with a dedicated team and system which makes all this possible.

In all these years on manufacturing, we were focusing on whole sale which gives the least profit margin to us. We tried retail and export market and the margin is just amazing. So we expended our business from wholesale to retail and export but we realised that we do not have the necessary capital, infrastructure, marketing, machines and human talent to make it possible. Since we are driven by giving what the customer required, we become successful in capturing the end user market as well. We can not become the product category leader and drive the direction of the industry without some capital injection and branding tools. We can handle the manufacturing process A to Z but we are looking for a synergy partner to help us get to the top.

Contact us to get the company details and visit our factories to get a glimpse of what we are saying. We will tell our pitch, the good, the bad and the worst about our business and how we can move forward. Email me and we can talk further about this if you are interested, if not, thank you very much for your time reading this and have a great day. My email address is

Thank you and terima kasih