Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 350,000
Funding Required RM 350,000 – 500,000
Description We provide customised, cloud based Industrial solutions to the Manufacturing sector. From boardroom to factory floor, we provide solutions to automate workflow, reduce manual processes and harness the power of data for analytics and business intelligence purposes.
Business Opportunity IR 4.0 is the buzzword going around now but the reality is that the Asian Industrial sector is still at the IR 2.0 level, largely due to cheap labour and subsidised energy costs. As we are developing and subsidies are being removed, the costs of production is rising and there is now a concentrated effort to automate operations. As far as automation goes, we are still looking largely at mechanical automation and not Intelligent Automation. Further, only key areas of production are being automated and not adminstrative processes. We are supporting the sector by providing both adminstrative and production automation technologies. Existing players in the market range from Authorised Resellers, the Big Players (SAP, Oracle, IBM) and Software Developers. The issue is 1) Price — Only very large companies (PLC, GLC’s) are willing to invest millions into IT systems. The rest of the market, even if they can afford it will simply not be able to justify reinvesting that amount of capital. 2) Fear of the Unknown – While every manager and owner recognises the need to upgrade their operations, they are unsure where and how to begin. Key risks is the disruption of business during the transition period. We provide high tech solutions with a level of support and service that ensures succesful adoption. The relationship we develop by implementing that first system allows us to be their preferred tech partner for the rest of their IT needs. Manufacturing is 28% of Malaysia’s GDP and the rise in labour cost, energy costs, regulations and competition is driving the need for investment into tech to optimise operations and evolve into data driven manufacturing.
Revenue / Business Model We sell Software and Hardware Solutions to the Industrial Sector. The solutions are sold using the Enterprise Model where we charge for the System + Setup/Configuration cost and then a Maintenance Cost which is recurring revenue.
Management Team Sales and Marketing – Currently in the process of hiring. 
Production – 9 Years Experience in various technologies AND in managing a technical team. Previously was Head of Production managing 50 Developers.
Operations – Previous experience in the manufacturing sector. Has in depth understanding of what the Industrial sector challenges are. Was operations manager for a glove manufacturing factory and succesfully upgraded the facility to reduce leakages by 15% and increase productivity using technology and policy changes.
Company Background We started the business November ’17 and have so far invested RM 350,000 and have been bootstrapping ourselves since then. We have totalled sales of RM 500,00 in which time we were developing our softwares and survived on selling beta versions of the softwares into the market. Since July we have a V1 of our two flagship systems and the market has been responsive to our solutions and price points. We are now considered a competitor against well established brands in the sector. Out systems are now running in 6 factories and each factory has retained our services for other systems required with respect to their digital transformation and IR 4.0 needs.
Funding Milestone We are seeking between RM 350,000 to RM 500,000 which will enable us to boost the sales and marketing arm of the company. A small percentage will go towards hiring 3-4 technical hires to support the growing needs of the systems as we are onboarding new clients. Further, with investment capital we can consider an alternative revenue model for one of the systems, converting it from the Enterprise Model to SaaS model which will severely reduce to cost of the system to end users and enable us to acquire customers in an aggresive manner.
% Equity Allocation 20-33%
Expected ROI 2.5x to 5x in 3-5 Years
Risks and Mitigation Loss of Key Technical Personnel. Our tech stack is in high demand, soonest as we train our new hires with our tech stack they becoem very attractive in the Job Market – Hiring and Training of Junior Developers to mitigate against concentration of product technical kowledge with Senior Developers. Further, the automation of key technical processes reduce the need for specialised technical skill.
Exit Strategies Management Buy Out in 36-60 Months
Company Name Trybe Technologies
Business Address T6-11 Menara KEN Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi TTDI Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Vineet Baskaran
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