Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM800,000
Funding Required RM3,800,000
Description We are in the process of creating an IoT Water Filter called Aura that offers an all new subscription based payment system based on how much the user(s) drink, rather than a fixed monthly amount.

Being IoT & Internet ready also means we can offer a host of value added features for the end user, such as hydration tracking, a rewards system for drinking more water, and an automated and efficient post sales support based on the sensors available in our product.

We have a prototype ready. We have 2 shareholders / directors who are both Malaysian. Seed funding to the tune of RM800,000 has already been provided by the founder. We are looking for a further fund injection to go into full production and to pilot our project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The water filtration market has been dominated by Korean companies such as Coway & Cuckoo for a number of years now, and we believe we can now offer a better alternative. 

* We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Business Opportunity The current water purifier market in Malaysia suffers from the problems below:

1) OVER-EMPHASIS On Water Quality, Service Frequency – Competitors in the industry usually focus on the above for marketing which actually leads to more confusion on the consumer’s part on what is the best choice for them

2) ONE SIZE Fits All Problem – Whether it is just a household of 2 people or an office of 50, monthly rental and servicing schedule are often the same 

3) Mediocre Post Sales User EXPERIENCE – Someone knocks on your door once every 3 months to change your filters. This is the extent of the post sales experience that most people have with water purifier companies

4) Lack of ACTIONABLE Correlation Between Water & Wellness – We seem to have forgotten the original point of having a water purifier. It is more than having clean water available. It is part of encouraging a greater wellness lifestyle

We aim to solve this with the Aura, which focuses on creating good user experience that will lead to utilization based billing, incentivized usage to drive up utilization and low overheads since no showroom n dealer network. 

Malaysia water purifier market alone is worth 1.8B in 2019

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Revenue / Business Model We will offer a subscription based service for the Aura, where users will pay based on the volume they consume

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Management Team Consists of Neal and Kevin. Combined 11 Years prior experience in the Malaysian water purifier industry. Neal previously bootstrapped another water purifier company, and subsequently sold the company for RM3.1M. Kevin was the head of sales in the same company, and hit record sales figures for the company.

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Company Background Snap Technology & Solutions Sdn Bhd – Incorporated February 2019.
Seed Funding of RM800,000 provided by Neal (Founder)
Prototype is now ready. We require further funding to commercialize

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Funding Milestone We require RM3.8M to properly bring this project to the Malaysian market.

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI We expect to have a market share of at least RM50M in 6 years’ time
Company Name Snap Technology & Solutions Sdn Bhd
Business Address Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Neal Wong
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