MDV’s Project Financing Facility, Small Contract Financing, Small Project Financing and Partner Bank Facilities are available based on Islamic principles.

Project Financing Facility

MDV’s Project Financing is a term financing product for companies in the ICT and high-growth sectors. This Project Financing Facility is structured to finance the implementation of both domestic and foreign contract-backed projects to deliver ICT as well as high-growth solutions. This facility shall have minimal due diligence fee charged. In principal, MDV’s Project Financing Facility can be categorized into 2 types:


This is similar to term financing and provided specifically for a specified project
It covers financing for capital expenditure and operational expenditure
The amount, tenure and payment structure will depend on the nature of the project


Suited for financing frame contracts where drawdown is typically subjected to e.g. purchase order(s)
Any amount paid by the customer shall be automatically made available for re-drawdown for subsequent purchase order(s)
The terms are similar to Non-Revolving

Small Contract Financing

MDV’s Small Contract Financing caters for companies with secured contracts with reputable contract awarder or sponsor.

Loan amount between RM250,000 to RM2 million per group of companies
Up to 5 projects may be funded subject to an aggregate limit of RM2 million
Small Contract Financing applications take less time to process, involve a streamlined due-diligence process and does not incur due-diligence fees

Small Project Financing

MDV’s Small Project Financing caters for companies that possess a commercializable product or service for which there is an existing demand.

Financing quantum is between RM250,000 to RM2 million per group of companies
Small contract financing applications take less time to process than Project Financing, involve a more streamlined due-diligence process and do not incur due-diligence fees

Partner Bank

MDV Partner Bank involves the provision of additional facilities, such as bank guarantee and Letter of Credit fully backed against MDV’s guarantees. These facilities complement the Project Funds provided directly by MDV.

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