Project Title Imagine the advertising opportunity at a website where students are able to study and practice easily for UPSR, PT3, and SPM online, all of that for free.
Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM600
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description I’m trying to make a website that helps Malaysian student to prepare for their exams (UPSR, PT3, and SPM), similar with  or with only one exception, this website is free for everyone. I plan every revenue should only comes from advertisement, which will be carefully controlled so that people will stay comfortable with it’s amount. Other than the fact that this website is absolutely free, I also try to make this website better that the rest of it’s fellow (full-a-mark and etc), by implementing my own ideas on good study techniques, that I really believe is rare and valuable for this website’s promotion.
Business Opportunity I really believe this website has a high chance to grow huge. Firstly, in terms of competition, I think the site will be standing alone in it’s market. I say this because eventhough full-a-mark and is already out there, they don’t hold much threat for this site. Full-a-mark for instance, for SPM, they’re only providing the market with core subjects which is BM, BI, Math, and Sejarah, while my site will be focusing on the science subjects first which is Add Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. We don’t plan to move to core subjects only later on after the growth of the site, because we want to dominate the market for science subjects first. While for competition with, I think, that’s not much to be say at all, because has already got a long history and still isn’t even close to dominate the market, proving probably a sort of incompetency in this area. I really think this site will own the market for it’s own.

Secondly, this site is very likely to have a long lasting market. Let’s think about what will happen if this site really does manage to dominate the market for, say just SPM students. Every year, thousands of students come to the site to practice with sample questions on a daily basis. As good as it sounds, it is actually pretty realistic. Students love to do practice on subjects like add math, especially from a source where it’s free and study is made simple. Even with only that market monthly, it is already a great place for advertising work. Now, even when that year is over, we don’t have to worry about the future market at all. This is because it’s very likely that the next year’s batch of students will only be of the same amount, at least close to it. So, the site will have promising and long lasting market to do advertising every year, as long as we manage to handle good public relation.

Revenue / Business Model The revenue will come through the advertising service inside the site. This is how it works. So users will come to the site to practice the subjects. At the practice page, users will only see mainly two things. The first is the question, and also few buttons to check and show the answer, and the second thing is a section dedicated for advertisements below the whole thing. By guessing on how many potential users that will use the site each day, given that the site works fine and as expected by the users, the advertisement market will be tremendous.
As for who will manage the advertisements, there is still much to decide. To start I’m thinking of maybe google adsense, as that would be easy and great for the site’s search optimization. But later on I think it would be great if the company can handle the advertising work ourselves, as that will allow us to grip the advertising revenue better and also will be great in terms of networking with other companies.
Management Team To be honest, we’re pretty fresh in this whole thing. The team is actually just the two of us, both of us are still first-year students at MMU Melaka and both of us study the same course which is electronic engineering. But, I can assure you we are both very damned commited to this idea and are willing to spend time and money to grow the site. We split the jobs into two. I’m in charge of the tech behind the site, how the site operates, make another page and such. I think it is ok to say that I’m quite good in this job, eventhough I don’t have any formal education on it. Next, my friend takes care of the contents of the site, the practice questions and the notes of each subjects.
Yes, we look a bit inexperienced, and actually I think that’s very true. But I really think you should not underestimate us because I believe we’re very fast learner and the idea of the site is too good to be let go. Because of that, one of the reason we’re reaching  is because we want to grow our network and get some professional help. Right now, it’s just the two of us. It will be very good to get more people inside.
If you need more reason to trust in us, then maybe it’s good to add that we’re both Telekom Malaysia’s scholar and we are alright with our studies. So, we don’t do this merely for money. We want to develop the site because we think there’s more from us that we can offer to the world. Please join us if you feel the same way.
Company Background This whole thing started with just an idea, dated back from when I’m still at school, around the year 2015. I thought of how great it will be if I could get the same kind of help I wish this site can provide. As I was still a kid, and with this growing eager to build this idea that I had, I naively learn how to make website myself online, because I don’t know what else I could do to work on it. I learn bit by bit, and work on it until the website is as it is today. At one point I shared this idea with one friend, which was a very shocking time for me because he showed intense interest in it and wanted to help, unlike others who aren’t that interested with my idea. Since then, I relied on him to handle the entire content of the site. He is doing a great job in making sure the content is ready and alright.
Up until now, I have spent an amount of approximately RM600, for everything needed to run the site, and that includes the hosting plan and the premium theme that I use. But because this site is still in it’s early stage, and the fact that I’m still a student, no money is spent on things like advertising and such. We’re still finishing the site, and because of that we haven’t promoted it yet. So, we still have no subcribers, or even any sales or profit statements. Eventhough we’re still in very early stage, I’d hope you wouldn’t look down on us because of it. We’re still kids but we are looking forward to grow up, and we would appreciate any help that you can offer.
Maybe it’s good to note that the website is already up and running right now. But, it is still not done and not ready to be promoted yet, and we’re working everyday to finish it. It would be great if you can have a look at it yourself and feel how everything works. Just search the web for  , and feel free to share any opinion that you have.
Funding Milestone The truth is, we’re more looking forward to talk and work with you rather than having funded directly. It’s because we think we would love to get a somewhat professional help to work on the site together. Even that, we still need some help in terms of funding to grow the site.
We are thinking of a fund that amounts to approximately RM25,000 to RM30,000. The funds will mainly be used on two things, the first will be in hiring our own tech guys and teachers, and the second is to promote and advertise the site to the market.
We need our own tech person to improve the site to allow the ‘log-in’ feature, which is for me a very important feature so that the site can be more useful and more students will like it, but happens to be something that I don’t know how to do it myself. So, I’ll need some help to do it. I really think this feature is a must to the site and I’m happy to tell you more about it. But, the elaboration will be too long to be written here. So if you want to know more, just contact me and I’ll gladly explain it to you.
The next will be about the teachers. We need it because that is what the site do, the site provides free question for everyone to practice with. But we can’t just copy the questions from books because that will be illegal. So, we want to hire our own teachers to make those questions. Let’s think about it. If we manage to invest some money in teachers and they provide the site with say 300 Add Math questions. Those same 300 questions will be enough to serve thousands of students all around Malaysia every year, as long as those questions are different than others, reliable and of high quality. So, investing in teachers can very likely be a good idea.
In terms of the arrangement of how the funds will be used, of course much deeper thought need to be made. But right now I’m thinking, first of all the funds will be spent on teachers first, because we need to get those questions first. Then, we need to spend the funds on promotion, and tell the market about the site. From my point of view, if the site is good and reliable, not mentioning totally free for use, students will quickly love the site. The promotion will be kinda easy. And when everything else is done, we can focus on the tech of the site, and improve the features so that it actually helps people study easier. That is when the funds will be used on hiring tech guys.
% Equity Allocation Sorry, but I’m new to this and I don’t quite understand how this works. But, I’m pretty sure we can agree on a good figure that we’ll both like.
Expected ROI Again, very sorry.
Risks and Mitigation Risk for the site mainly will be competition and the possible failure in marketing. Firstly, for the competition. As I already mentioned earlier, the risk is not that threathening. One of the reason I work really hard on the site is because I think the site has a huge chance to dominate the market. It’s only competition will be  and, and I already explained why I’m not so worried about them at the ‘Business Opportunity’ section. But, we still need to make sure the site runs smooth and as expected so that it’ll shine above it’s other fellows.
Next risk will be the possibility to fail in marketing the site properly. The site needs to give a strong and good first impression to the market once it is out, and to do that we will need brilliant marketing strategies. Yet once the market is comfortable with the site, then we have already got huge market to do business.
Exit Strategies I’m really sorry, I don’t quite understand about this. I can only assure you every decision coming up will be carefully and thoroughly thought of so that everything will be alright, for us and for you.
Company Name Pictocat
Business Address Batu Caves, Selangor
Contact Person Mohamad Syazani Bin Zulkhairi
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