Project Title Construction Business
Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested 100,000.00
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description My company already 3 years in operation.
With rm500k revenue every year 20% profit.
In construction fild.
Have many previous project already and having project on going.
-Our Existing Client
1.VVIP (Can’t write here) can tell n show prove when meet. Very potential client)
2. Telekom Malaysia (on going)
3. Private person. (Previous project and potential)
4. Maincon Big Company (potential for growth my company.
5. Others gove job (our potential target).

Need capital or JV to maintain the company before get the job close and need more money for growth the company and increase the revenue and profit.

Business Opportunity To maintain the old client VVIP
To get new big job from telekom malaysia.
To get private person client
To get job from big Maincon Company.
To get job from goverment sector.

Serious we make revenue rm500k every year with 20% profit. If u invest with us we can increase more revenue and the profit.

Revenue / Business Model Revenue rm500 every year (3years audit)
Profit 20% every year.
Management Team 2 managing director (Bachelor & ACCA)
3 manager level (Bachelor)
2 Admin (bachelor)
5 surbordinate (Diploma & Bachelor)
4 supervisor for project
20 skill worker (contract)
Company Background 13 Jun 2013
100k investment
500 Revenue / year
20% profit / year
Need 1 more year to archieve 1million revenue.
And increase 1mil every year our target.
Funding Milestone 100k – 300k
1 year of ROI
The next year gain profit 100% -150% profit of the next year.
3 – 5 years contract.
Working Capital
Project Capital
Marketing Capital
Business Growth Capital
% Equity Allocation 10% – 30%
Expected ROI 1 year ROI 100% return with 20% profit
Risks and Mitigation Small risk
Because the company have make revenue 500k every year with 20% profit.

We need capital to growth more n need more capital the brave get new project or for rolling capital.

Exit Strategies Depends on our contract and agreement.
Company Name Fastrah Holding Sdn. Bhd.
Business Address Setapak, Danau Kota
Contact Person Mohd Fazreen Bin Mohd Sith
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Dato Larry
5 years ago

Pls contact me for details.