Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested Rm 800,000
Funding Required Rm560,000
Description We are a family based restaurant business that operating since 6 years ago,serving home made noodles and home cooked food. In our new project,we are going to expand the business and transform the traditional business into a modern concept cafe that still serving our signature home made noodles and traditional home cooked food,on top of that we are adding some modern twist to the traditional food in order to attract wider range of customers.
Business Opportunity In the 6 years of operation,we found out the consumer habit has been changed.Hence,we adding more items into our menu with new and interesting flavours to cope with the vast changing market. In F&B,we are different from others as we produce our own noodles and most of the food,including some of the food that people don’t make anymore due to the complicated procedure.Hence,we don’t compete with other F&B, we are unique in our own way.
Revenue / Business Model Our income come from food profit,including delivery such as grab food,food panda,etc. Other than that,we provide comfortable environment,food and facilities to customers to organise their events such as baby full moon party,birthdays and meetings. Las but not least,we will expand into production line on chilliest and other items.
Management Team We have our own production team,training team and marketing team to run the business.
Company Background Our mother company has been running the business for 6 years,we have gained enough experience to run new outlets.
Funding Milestone We require Rm560,000 of funding with rm28,000 per lot. Currently,8 lots have been taken up.
% Equity Allocation 60%
Expected ROI Return within 1.5 to 2 years
Risks and Mitigation It’s a low risk investment due to its low entry level and operating by an experienced team.
Exit Strategies 3% of shares per lot can be transferred or amend anytime.
Company Name xxx Noodle House Sdn Bhd
Business Address xxx Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact Person Jasmine Sian
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