Project Title Cloud-based & modular insurance software solution (SaaS). enabling latest InsurTech trends like IoT, Telematics, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence.
Current Status Growth
Amount Invested €1.200.000
Funding Required €1.000.000
Description Our highly scalable cloud-based software helps insurance companies in the current process of the digital transformation. We simplify the launch of new innovative insurance products (e.g. Telematics), opening new digital sales channels & increase the overall profitability with greater operational efficiency.
Business Opportunity As nowadays insurance companies are in a tremendous change to digitalize their whole enterprise software, they are confronted with new customer demands and changing market requirement. With our modular and API-driven approach we can offer insurers a complete solution, wether they just want to manage their whole business, do Sales Analytics or want to launch new products quickly.
While many companies are also offering insurance software solutions, no existing solution has the same speed and cost efficiency like tigerlab.
TAM for General (Non-Life) Insurances worldwide => €2tn
Current Markets (DACH/ASEAN/AU/NZ/UK) => €218bn
SAM (North America/South America/Europe) => €1.4bn

Opportunites are tremendous due to the digital transformation in the Insurance industry. 73% of CEOs in Insurance want to invest and restructure their software and product offerings. 74% of Customers would like to interact with modern technology.

Changing to a flexible software like tigerlab is offering, will not only reduce cost saving in the operations, also it will increase sales, due to new sales channels/journeys and innovative products.
Revenue / Business Model xxx
Management Team xxx
Company Background – 20+ Clients including international big (Re-) Insurer like Hannover Re, UK General or Ubi Car
– Revenue 2018 €750K
– TAM: worldwide €2tn / current SAM: €218bn
– self-invested with €1.2m
– Strategic ownership stakes in Insurance Companies, valued €500K
– Profit Margin 30%
– Based in Kuala Lumpur (HQ) and London
Funding Milestone xxx
% Equity Allocation 10%
Expected ROI 3x
Risks and Mitigation – Insurance is quite recession proof
– retention rate is high (Avg. Duration of insurance customer to change Enterprise Software is 17 years)
– Risk can be legislative issues, regarding Data Privacy
Exit Strategies Earliest exit is in 5 years time, buyout
Company Name xxx
Website/Facebook xxx
Business Address Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact Person Tobias Bergmann
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