Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM110k
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description I believe by having a good customer services to would always generate repeat orders. I am a PADI scuba instructor and of cause we conduct scuba courses and trips and at the same time we are a sole dealer for one of the dive equipment brand from Europe.
From time to time we do coral propagation program for divers to expand their knowledge of the importance of corals for our earth.
Business Opportunity the current issue im facing right now is that i have spend the initial money on rentals and renovation and products. I know that the market for divers is huge in Malaysia as we have some of the best place to dive and for leisure, so here i am writing to find investor who believes in tourism and the need of marketing funds to create more awareness of our dive gear and in future in resorts as well.
And we are planning to tap into the japanese and korean market which is currently staying or working in malaysia
Revenue / Business Model to generate income from courses , trips and equipment.
Management Team currently im working alone on this and i have another partner but he is basically a silent partner. A well planned management team would be another 2 assisttant.
1 instructor and another person who handles retail sales and bookings
Company Background we started the business in the year of mid 2015. we manage to make a deal by having xdeep as our main equipment and it has been very well known in other country. divers and instructors are asking about the product from indonesia and thailand as we are the current dealer for south east asia
Funding Milestone the fund we require is mainly for marketing purposed and to get in more equipment to display and hopefully have enough fund for some of the dive expo in malaysia
% Equity Allocation willing to let go 30%
Risks and Mitigation there is risk in due to the current situation of the whole economy that many mid – lower income are not spending that much but to target to higher income bracket
Exit Strategies i believe if the team is strong and by having a mentor will benefit us in progressing. this is a 3 yr plan. tourism and leisure is a long term investment.
Company Name aquanaust dive shop sdn bhd
Website/Facebook aquanautsmalaysia/?ref= bookmarks
Business Address no27-2, jalan pjs 8/17, dataran mentari, 46150 bandar sunway, selangor
Contact Person Ken
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