Business plans are developed for new businesses and when buying an existing business. Sometimes, entrepreneurs want to buy an ongoing business because they believe they can grow a business with new ideas and approaches. When buying a business, it’s still important to write a business plan to ensure that all aspects of the purchase have been considered and future growth is planned. In many cases, the business plan is also used to attract investors like venture capitalists or angel investors.

There are advantages to buying a business and those advantages should be highlighted in the business plan. The first advantage is the fact the company already has a financial record. That can make it much easier to attract investors if there is less risk of business failure. However, if financial projections are made by the current business owner, it will be important to verify they are not inflated. You will want to develop your own sales and expense projections for 5 to 10 years based on plans for business expansion.

Another advantage of buying an existing business results from the knowing the market already exists for the business. Current customers are identified and market proven, making it much easier to identify potential growth areas or new niche markets. Since the basic customer profile is already developed, you can build on it rather than starting from scratch.

It’s also good to enjoy the advantage of having access to insider information. Since you’re buying the business, the current owner is going to be willing to share a lot of information you would have to research if starting a new business. This information can be incorporated in the business plan, making it clear that the plan is based in solid facts and information.

Buying a business can give you a competitive advantage because the name, location, products and services, and customers are already in place. The business plan goals are to develop that competitive advantage to attract investors and to plan growth. It’s always nice to begin from a point of success.

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