Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM1,000,000.00
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Swiftlet Farming House is an industry in which it focusing in farming the swiftlet bird for it to produce edible bird nest in certain quantity depends on the size of the farming house, in which this bird nest also can be consume or extract into various product such as cosmetic , health product and etc .
Business Opportunity As the edible bird nest are limited and only been produce 10% for every outpout world wide in which the demand are 80% which are from the factory and individual consumer it self . We also solving the problem to cure the health of a person as the edible bird nest are rich with nutrients and many more benefit for health.
Revenue / Business Model We’ll make money once the Swiftlet Farming House are completed and has been operation for 36 month in which each house can produce 5-7 kg per month . And the market price for raw edible bird nest in the range from RM3,800.00-RM4,500.00 per kg .
Management Team Our management team are consist of
-Director,CEO&Share Holder (Datu Mohd Faisal experience in this industry more than 15 years also the founder)
-COO &Share Holder(Datu Mohammad Nurilham experience in handling the construction and mangement of project )
-Account &HR (Parida Palibu experience in account department )
-Project Manager (Datu Mohammad Nurilham)
Company Background Start the business in enterprise company on 10/10/2006 and upgrade to SDN.BHD company on 12/2017 which now known as Borneo Movement Wealth Sdn.Bhd . The company has receive an investment from 2006-2017 in an amount of RM4,000,000.00 .
Funding Milestone Now we are required RM10mil of fund in which this fund will be use for the Swiftlet Farming house material for 100 unit ,Land Cost operation , Management Operation & maintainance operation for 36 month . Once we get the fund estimation of the project of building 100 unit of Swiftlet Farming house to be completed is 15 month .
% Equity Allocation 45%
Expected ROI RM15 mil per year after 36 months farming process .
Risks and Mitigation The risk for this investment is if the house are not functional which it did not produce our target after 36 month farming process which the house has to produce produce 5kg per month .
Exit Strategies The exit oppurtunity for investor is when the investment period is end which is 30 years from the date investment made .
Company Name Borneo Movement Wealth Sdn.Bhd (Gerak Borneo)
Website/Facebook gerakborneo/
Business Address Wisma Khoo Siak Chiew ,Lebuh 4 ,9th Floor ,Room 906,90000 Sandakan ,Sabah ,Malaysia.
Contact Person Datu Mohammad Nurilham
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