Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM260,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Goody Technologies was founded in June, 2015, with a single mission which is to improves the profit making process of the new generation. We are a platform that covers many areas such as providing and integrating information, providing ads services, interlinking platforms, etc. It focuses on creating an ecosystem where the new generation can improves their earnings and life quality while the SMEs developed by them could better be sold.

Goody Technologies started off with just two very close friends, and a year later, it grows into a groupof 12, with 6 core personnel. Although it is hard to start up a company focusing on networking technologies in Asia, but together, we believe that it is definitely possible if we are doing it as a team. Inspired by Google, we managed and operates in a more relaxing style in order to give space for employee’s growth. After a year of sweat and tears, we are proud to say that we have over millions of users. While enjoying the pride, we do not planned to stay put with our current fame,but determined to further our footsteps in building a healthy and complete ecosystem and to improves the society.

Business Opportunity The Market
1.Problem – We don’t have a good Lifestyle Content (Chinese) in SouthEast Asia
Solution -We created with QUALITY CONTENT , 10 Million Pageviews within a month2.Problem- We don’t have enough in-house editors to create content
Solution- We provide Partner. to let all youngsters to have a chance to be our editor and earn money at the same time .3.Problem-Businesses don’t have a platform to connect with social media talents to talk about Advertisement
Solution- We created GOBIZ , to allow business deal with social media talents to talk about Advertisement , at the same time we will provide the data , ads performance for the business.
Revenue / Business Model Our Revenue Model:

Goody Technologies Sdn.Bhd:
i)Advertorial Ads and sponsorship fees
ii)Website AdsBlock & Banner advertising fees
iii)Social Media Marketing fees
iv)Platform Fees (from editor & social media Partner)

Management Team AARON LIM HOO CHEN – Managing Director
ALEX OOI KEAN LIM – Executive Director
ELAINE NEOH EE LEAN – Head of Administrative
ZEFF TANG KHENG HOOI – Senior IT ExecutiveMalaysia
YEOH YEE HUA – Supervisor of IT Team
Company Background Jun 2015 –
Founded Goody25.comDec 2015 – reach 4 Mil Pageviews
50 Freelance online EditorsFeb 2016
Transform Editor platform into Partner.
100+ online active Editors
First Company Funded by Angel investor

Apr 2016
Founded reach 10 Mil P.views (Highest)

Sept 2016
Prepare to be Sdn.Bhd
Launch Social Media Partner(SMP) APP pre-launch

Oct 2016
“Goody Technologies Sdn.Bhd” Formed
Ready for second round investment (angel)

Nov 2016
Officially Launch for VIP
(Social Media Talents)
to accept & negotiating Ads at Gobiz

Funding Milestone Jun 2015 – 65,000 ( Paid Up Capital )
April 2016 – 200,000 ( Invested by 4 Angel Investors )
Nov 2016 – 100,000 ( Another round of Investment )
Company Name Goody Technologies Sdn.Bhd
Contact Person Aaron Lim
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i wish to invest on this,kindly contact me !

Kim Hui Lim
5 years ago

Still available?