Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM50,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We basically retail n wholesale on indian and general fashion/imitation Jewelry. Our business model operates on carnivals that is held in malls, convention centre and open space by organisers. Its becoming a trend for consumer to wait and shop during this time. There are approximately 10 to 12 carnivals in a year all over malaysia. The crowd is huge.
Business Opportunity We provide affordable & unnique range of jewelries which are traditional yet stylish. The usage of gold have created a huge social problem in terms of theft and many women are opting for fashion jewelry has finishing equilvalent to a gold jewelry and cost lesser. Thus the growing demand of such jewelry have created a huge market and demand for it. In regards to these type of carnivals, the market is estimated to value at 1 to 5 mil in revenue per event.
Revenue / Business Model My objective is to leverage on the crowd that shop in such carnival. I intend to introduce other product line like saree, tops, bags, shoes, bedsheet n etc apart from my jewelry. Also to add exclusive range of jewelry. So by having few booths with different product range within the carnival im able to make more profit from all these booths. Being in this environment for almost 10 years i can safely assure you and confident of the items that customer buys.
Management Team My management team consist of Me , Mrs Kaythri and part timers. Mrs Kaythri is very well verse in product & supplier selection as well as sales . Her designs selection has gain popularity among consumers as most of them come and look for us in every carnival and most of our stock finishes very fast. I am more involve in operations, logisics of goods, setup of booths and promotion strategy. I give more emphasis on the interior setup and outlook of the booth to give a good first impression to consumers and it works. Our partimers usually accesorize themselves with the jewelry as this actually showcase how each piece would look on consumers if they had purchase it and that has given us a competitive advantage.
Company Background We started our journey in beginning of 2014 and have more downs initiallly but gradually have overcome those obstacles.
Funding Milestone Amount required rm200,000. To secure 3/4 booths and extend product line and stock and a setup of a wholesale shop.
% Equity Allocation 18% pa
Expected ROI 2years
Company Name Maayaa Gallery
Website/Facebook Jewealsz-160224617590/
Business Address 38 Jalan SM11 Taman Sunway Batu Caves
Contact Person Adrian
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